Time table for Neurovation 2014

Neurovation 2014 will last for two days and during each day two keynote speakers and two sessions are programmed.

Day 1, October 6, 2014

9:45Welcome and opening
Keynote address
10:00Stefan Reschke Msc.
Industry 4.0 vs. Human 1.x: How to become adequate for which challenge?
Session: Electrically measuring the brain
10:45Dr. Natalia Petridou
From Blood to Neuron: High resolution functional imaging at 7 Tesla
11:15 Coffee break
11:30Dr. Jörn Rickert
A novel brain-implant for closed-loop therapies
12:00Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener
EEG to take away: Towards a mobile brain-computer interface
12:30 Lunch, demos, and posters
Keynote address
13:30Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier
The Human Brain Project – From Biological Foundations to new Computing Architectures
Session: electrically stimulating the brain
14:15Prof. Dr. Ir. Dick Stegeman
Finite element model based prediction of electric fields in the human brain after TMS and tDCS stimulation.
14:45Prof. Dr. Andrea Antal
Transcranial direct current stimulation: when it does work and when it does not
15:15 Coffee break
15:45Prof. Dr. Yasin Temel
Stimulating deep brain structures for more than 25 years: what have we learned?
16:15Dr. Michel Decré
Towards next generation Deep Brain Stimulation
17:00 Drinks
17:15 Neurovation Cafe (with drinks and finger food) hosted and organized by Stefan Reschke and Jan van Erp
18:45 - 21:30 Dinner

Day 2, October 7, 2014

Keynote address
9:00Dr. Kaleb McDowell
From Real-World Neuroimaging to Adaptive Technologies
Session: measuring on the brain with light
9:45Dr. Jithin Jose
Listening to brain activity: photoacoustic imaging as functional brain imaging technique
10:15Prof. Dr. Amiram Grinvald
Intrinsic optical imaging;  from the bench to the clinics
10:45 Coffee break
11:00Dr. Bettina Sorger
Exploiting hemodynamic brain signals for motor-independent communication: from fMRI to mobile fNIRS
11:30Prof. Dr. Arno Villringer
Neuroplasticity: Effects of learning, brain stimulation and BCI
12:15A word from our sponsor I3B by Hans Theuws
What does your face say: Using facial expression analysis for assessing emotions
12:30 Lunch, demos, and posters
Keynote address
13:15Prof. Dr. Tsjalling Swierstra
Responsible Neurovation
Session: stimulating the brain with light
14:00Dr. Ilka Diester
Manipulating neocortex with optogenetic techniques
14:30 Coffee break
14:45Prof. Dr. Duco Jansen
Photonic neural interfaces: using infrared light to control neural activity
15:15Dr. Timo Lebold
Restoring Vision with Subretinal Implants
16:00Feedback on Neurovation Café
16:15Wrap up and closing
16:30-17:30 Drinks