Hans Theuws – Noldus

hans theuwsProduct manager,
Noldus Information Technology

Hans Theuws is product manager at Noldus Information Technology BV (Wageningen, The Netherlands). He has been working for Noldus since 1999, and has a background in electrical engineering and marketing. Hans has been involved in the development of software for facial expression analysis since 2007, in cooperation with VicarVision. In addition, he is also responsible for the organizations’ market research. He is a member of the Noldus InnovationWorks team, which serves as an incubator where novel technologies, concepts and product prototypes are researched, developed, field-tested and commercialized. One of his main interests is how tools for observational research can be applied in consumer behavior research in order to create products which contribute to increased well-being of consumers.

What does your face say: Using facial expression analysis for assessing emotions

There is an increasing interest for methods that enable automatic analysis of emotions in different areas, such as psychology, consumer behavior, market research, human factors, usability, etc. Detecting emotions by analyzing facial expressions is one of the possibilities, offering a non-invasive solution. FaceReaderTM  is one of the software tools available nowadays for analysis of facial expressions.

FaceReader automatically analyzes the basic facial expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry, disgusted, surprised and scared)  from video, live, or from an image. All visualizations are given real-time and can be viewed afterwards.  The very first version of FaceReader that allowed real-time facial expression analysis already  dates from 2005, but since then a lot of engineering has been done, and development is still going on. During this presentation, we will introduce a number of new progresses, explain the technology used, present application examples and show how expression analysis data can be combined with other data modalities such as eye trackers or data acquisition equipment.

For almost 25 years, Noldus Information Technology has been developing solutions for behavioral research on humans and animals. These can vary from industry standard software packages and lab equipment to fully integrated observation labs including consultancy, training and support.