Stefan Reschke Msc.

Fraunhofer INT, business unit “Corporate Technology Foresight”

Stefan Reschke is a senior scientist at Fraunhofer INT´s business unit “Corporate Technology Foresight” on part-time position. Before, he studied Materials Sciences and Geosciences and worked as a research scientist, lecturer and project/program manager at TU Darmstadt (D), the Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava (SK) and the Univ. of Oxford (UK). In his other life, Stefan provides a “midwifing service” to initiate and foster early stages of corporate strategy processes based on his lean futuring approach, focusing on small and medium sized companies. Recently, he started a coaching practice mainly drawing on SFBT, NLP and EMDR/EMI complementing his consultancy. His first encounter with brain-o-metrics was in the late 1970´s when he participated in EEG-based “brain mapping” experiments with practitioners of transcendental meditation on both sides of the electr(on)ics. His amateur interest in the brain has persisted through the decades.

Industry 4.0 vs. Human 1.x: How to become adequate for which challenge?

Industry 4.0 is dooming – and concurrently seen as big chance for a more humane condition of work allowing for a highly flexible, creative, inspiring and positively challenging tackling of mutable tasks. In this prospective and interactive presentation, we will briefly look at some core statements accompanying Industry 4.0 from today´s point of view and derive implications concerning the workforce of the mid- to long-term future (i.e. 5a – 25a). Then, we will question natural limits of body and mind from a probably non-conventional perspective visiting the Planck scale and far eastern philosophy. We will celebrate the 250 Mio.´s birthday of the limbic system and the re-discovery of our gut feelings. Back to here and now, we will have a look at today´s enhancement opportunities through biotic and abiotic technologies, bearing the chance to become Cyborgs or superhumans-on-demand. Finally, we will summarise and hopefully integrate the terrain explored into a kind of roadmap draft.