Dr. Jörn Rickert

rickertCorTec GmbH

Jörn Rickert studied biology in Hamburg and Freiburg. With his dissertation on the “representation of movement in the motor cortex” he contributed to basic neurobiological research. When writing his dissertation, he also had the idea to use scientific research as a bridge for implementation and to start a business focusing thereon. After completing his PhD in 2004, he became the project manager of the Brain Machine Interfacing Initiative (BMII) in Freiburg, undertaking the task to transfer the research results of this group of scientists into a marketable product. Since the formation of CorTec in September 2010 he has been the company’s CEO.

A novel brain-implant for closed-loop therapies

Present neurotechnological implants are limited in both, precision and applicability. They typically work one-way only, through stimulation of the brain. Closed-loop Implants, which in parallel measure physiological signals promise treatment by stimulation on demand plus new treatment options like brain-machine interfaces. Here I will present the Brain-Interchange® implant system, a chronically implantable system for long-term recording and stimulation of the brain. The system works with 32 channels, which allow the continuous recording of detailed information and likewise flexible and precise stimulation based on fast processing of the recorded data. The external processing of the data enables easy access and fast and safe implementation of different therapeutic concepts. In the second part, I will present and discuss the status of the different possible therapeutic concepts for closed-loop implants like Brain-Interchange. This is a new, but rapidly developing field comprised of the treatment of refractory Epilepsy and movement disorders as well as stroke rehabilitation, and brain-machine interfacing for movement restoration and more.